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Labour Law

Labour Law

We aim to provide expert legal advice to employers and employees on a wide range of employment matters. Our attorneys are actively involved in ensuring compliance with the Labour Laws and seek to reduce the likelihood of disputes between the employer and the employee or its representative(s).

As an employer

We possess extensive and hard-earned experience in helping employers manage their relationships with their employees in a strategic and effective manner. Services typically involve but are not limited to;

  • Drafting and reviewing employment documents including employment contracts and personnel policies and procedures;
  • Properly conducting disciplinary proceedings;
  • Providing advice terminations of employment contracts.
  • Representation before the Courts and Labour Tribunal in claims made by former or current employees; and
  • Application for work permits to ensure compliance with the relevant laws.
As an employee

Employees should be safeguarded against discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Our attorneys are experienced in protecting and obtaining rewards for employees who faced unfair employment practices. Therefore, we advise employees on a full range of matters including:

  • Proposed terms of employment;
  • Representation at disciplinary proceedings; and
  • Matters of wrongful; and unfair termination of the contract of employment.